Case Study: CAMBA Fundraising Event Collateral

Role: In-house Graphic Designer

Team: Development Department, Senior Management and Communications and Marketing

Organization: CAMBA

Goal: Create fundraising event collateral communicating CAMBA’s initiatives to funders and individual donors

Result: From 2015 to 2017, the Development Department and Senior Management utilized professionally designed collateral to communicate initiatives via fundraising events to collectively raise $971,000. In 2017, the 40th anniversary year of CAMBA, the Development Department increased fundraising to 25 percent from the previous year.


The challenge of creating a festive and sophisticated visual theme for evening events, particularly for the 40th-anniversary gala, was staying within CAMBA’s visual guidelines, which is playful, cheery and bright. Layouts are often set against white or colorful backgrounds.

For the 40th Anniversary Gala, CAMBA’s branded color sun PMS 116, was chosen as an accent. Using PMS 116, a little black shade was added to create a ‘low-cost gold’ (this is a nonprofit organization, for the use of gold metallic ink, is out of budget). A rich black was chosen to be a supportive color because it’s a dynamic and sophisticated color to nicely contrast CAMBA’s branded sun and gold. Since the evening is playful, gold glitter became the visual theme.

Work Sample