Case Studies

Case Study: CAMBA’s 2017 Annual Report

Goal: The main goal of each annual report is to communicate annual initiatives to funders, policy-stakeholders, and individual donors and to encourage donations. In addition, the communication manager and I wanted to have photos of empowering clients, instead of victimizing their situations.

Result: An Annual Report that effectively communicates CAMBA’s achievements via infographics and storytelling, while demonstrating clients who are empowering themselves via various social service programs. Read more…

Case Study: Public Agenda’s Research Reports

Goal: Communicate research findings and summaries to the targeted audience(s), such as policy makers

Results: Funders and communities of impact were able to easily read researchers’ findings because of the improved hierarchy of visual design elements, such as typography, grids/layouts for various sections and infographics. Read more…


Case Study: CAMBA-Branded Collateral

Goal: Maintain CAMBA’s brand across the agency

Results: CAMBA’s visual brand was professionally enhanced within five years of being employed while effectively communicating initiatives to funders, clients and policy stakeholders. Read more…