Case Study: CAMBA-Branded Collateral

Role: In-house Graphic Designer

Team: Strategic Partnerships Department’s Communication and Marketing team, Development Department, Senior Management and Program Staff

Organization: CAMBA

Goal: Maintain CAMBA’s brand across the agency and improving its visual identity to clients and external stakeholders

Results: CAMBA’s visual brand was professionally enhanced within five years of being employed while effectively communicating initiatives to funders, clients and policy stakeholders

Details: CAMBA started in 1977. Since then it has grown from a small organization to one of Brooklyn’s largest social service agency. After CAMBA hired an external design firm to redesign their visual identity, I was hired as the agency’s sole in-house Graphic Designer to maintain the brand within the new visual guidelines. Utilizing the brand book, program brochures, event collateral, and annual reports were created.

The challenge was preventing the agency’s various programs and offices from utilizing external design services who aren’t familiar with the brand guidelines, creating their own design files without using CAMBA’s brand, or incorrectly using CAMBA’s logo. As CAMBA transitions from being a small to a large agency, the staff tends to think of their programs as individual companies. For CAMBA to effectively change their staff’s thinking, senior management and my Vice-President supported my efforts of maintaining CAMBA’s brand. My solution to programs’ use of short-term collateral was to provide branded templates (see the solution in Case Study No. 1). 

For collateral requiring professionally design and print services, senior management requested my assistance to collaborate with program managers. Over time, the more professional collateral that was produced, the more programs requested assistance with their communication needs and branding questions. In addition, I offered brief tutorials on basic guidelines about CAMBA’s brand at program and executive assistant staff meetings.

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